Best Behaviour School for Dogs

Best Behaviour School for Dogs are Kent’s leading dog behavioural specialists, accredited by The Canine & Feline Behaviour Association.

Pippa, the founder of Best Behaviour, tasked us with creating a unique, prestigious identity that would lift her brand head and shoulders above the competition in a highly active market.

Here we have a proud, grounded dog – the best behaved dog – whose silhouette is at one with the world around it. Each watercolour landscape or scene is ‘open’ to our dog because it’s been through the Best Behaviour programme. The dog and the landscape are one. They have the freedom of the land because they’re trained.

Rather than having a traditional logo in a solid colour, your logo tells a complete story. And it’s a story that changes because each dog is different and each dog’s world is different. They might walk over fields or through forests, during the summer or the winter, over sand or over grass. This identity has the freedom and flexibility to tell all of these stories.

Best Behaviour School for Dogs
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