MOTH Therapies

MOTH is an Occupational Therapy, massage and complementary therapy practice in the heart of Whitstable, run by Tracey Allport.

After hearing Tracey’s story and learning the background to MOTH, we created simple moth logo with markings radiating from a central heart cutout. This was then applied to various printed collateral and an e-commerce website.

HDCO have been amazing at helping me get started with my business venture.

As a new business I was fresh off the block and needed guidance to create a striking brand, with a logo, website and marketing material.

Their approach was perfect for me; they connected with me and my business ethos. They were able to understand the quality of my approach and transposed that beautifully, into material that is stunning and effective.

All of the material that they have created, has a commonality and a strength of branding, as well as being timeless and stunning.

They have now completed a number of projects for me, collaborating closely with me and the result is one that I am very proud of.

If you want your business to stand out, for all of the right reasons, then Jon and Vicki Hughes, will do their magic for you.
Tracey, MOTH Therapies

MOTH Therapies
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